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Gripflex Silicone

-60°C to +300°C, intermittant up to 350°C

 Gripflex Range

All Temperature Ratings only for Extraction Applications with at least 25% Ambient Air Induction

Gripflex Silicone
Materials: silicone coated glass fabric, external galv. steel helix
Properties: hardly inflammeble, good resistance against chemicals, UV and ozone very flexible, compressible up to 1 : 8, small bending radius
Applications: ducting solution for suction, blowing and transport of hot and cold air and fumes, vehicle and engine construction, engineering, aircraft and defence industries
Delivery Forms: Ø 2 " up to 36 ", colour - grey, length - 2 m up to 15 m
On Request:

other helix qualities and custom made in construction